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"I've seen first hand the systems that Marlon used to go from struggling advisor without a steady stream of prospects to having a full calendar, six figure annual revenue, and extremely high closing rate within 12 months. After Marlon shared his systems with me, I saw a MASSIVE change in my business. If you need help with marketing and systems, then Marlon is your solution. You won't regret it!"

- Justin Green, CFP®, MSPFP, Owner Assist FP

"Marlon really knows his stuff. I’ve watched him grow his business from nothing to a full waitlist in 12 months - and his strategies have significantly improved my business as well. It’s so much more impactful to learn systems from someone that is actively using them and succeeding. I can’t recommend him more."

- Lindsey Swanson, CFP®, Owner Stripper Financial Planning

"When it comes to advisor marketing, Marlon's creative and analytical skills are incredible. We worked together to create dynamic, automated email campaigns and I was so impressed. If you're looking for help attracting new leads or nurturing existing leads, I recommend you reach out to Marlon."

- Arielle Minicozzi, CFP®, Modern Money, Sphynx Automation